Friday, December 18, 2009

Constructive Feedback at I hear faces

Here is my edit. I like things bright and bold...

I love this picture of my daughter. When she smiles her eyes squint and she is just so excited in this photo! I want to keep it and print it so bad but it looks horrible! Her face is very red and I can't seem to edit it and keep her face visible without the picture being very saturated! HELP!

I have photoshop CS4. I would love to give you the EXIF. But I don't know how.

'This post is only for constructive feedback for professional photographers'

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  1. My 8 year-old daughter is sitting next to me and she thinks this little girl is just about the cutest thing ever. LOL! What a beautiful smile. :)

    I worked on your photo a bit - you can check it out here:

    Here is how I edited your photo in PS CS3:
    1) opened your jpg in Camera RAW (this is a great way to adjust the brightness, etc. before you even take your photo into PS)
    2) adjusted the exposure, fill light and white balance while in Camera RAW; this helped a lot with the redness in her face and the darkness as well
    3) After editing your photo (I used Pioneer Woman's free actions to boost the color and brighten it a bit) I then also used Jodi (from MCP Actions) free Touch of Light action to brighten up her little face.

    One problem for me with this photo was that the feet seemed awkward - having one foot partially shown and the other completely cut off. I tried to crop the photo to look more natural, but I think it this would have been easier to fix in camera than it was to do it later.

    Cute photo! Thank you so much for entering it into Constructive Feedback Friday today. :)

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces